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04/11/2013 - Mummyz Wordz

"Since receiving the babyboomboom band-bag in Spanish we have had hours of fun with the musical instruments and the CD playing away. I love how it was never promoted ‘we say now you say’ kind of learning, but more the listen and join in learning, with listening to the CD 3 or 4 times my daughter started to pick up the language. Even though it was not pronounced correctly she knew what she was saying as she was playing the instruments and then doing the actions to the song Old Macdonald, she then tried to sing the song in Spanish. She is really trying to pick the language up and considering she is only 2 ½ I was amazed how much she was enjoying herself by learning. I love this product and would recommend it to other Mums of children who would like their child to have an insight into another language! 10/10"

04/11/2013 - Saira Khan (mum & TV personality)

"It's a wonderful way to introduce your little one to music and a different language. I love it and would recommend it to all parents. It’s a fantastic idea! I listen to it all the time with my 20 month old Zac, in the house and in the car. Zac is starting to sing the songs in French now. His eyes light up and he gives me a big smile when he hears it."

04/11/2013 - Cheryl Pasquier

"If you want to introduce your children to other languages - the babyboomboom CDs are a fantastic fun way to do this… I was really pleased with the choice of songs because they are all really well-known songs that children can already sing along with in their own language, so they are immediately aware of what the German lyrics mean."

04/11/2013 - Dribblekitten

"The CD is introduced by a very well spoken man in English and lady in French. They then start singing, first in English, then in French, usually alternating a verse at a time. Should you wish to sing along immediately there are words included. The accompanying guitar is lovely on this, and even if you ignore the fact that it is multi lingual the music is nicely produced. It would calm my baby down when it was played and it was often played in the car if she was cranky."

04/11/2013 - The Family Panel

"The great thing is that as the CD isn't dictating when to repeat a phrase, the child naturally just listens a few times before picking the song up, which is definitely the fun element. Her favourite song is without doubt 5 Little Ducks, which she now knows near on off by heart in both French and English. She has even asked for the CD several times in place of watching kids TV- not something that happens very often."

04/11/2013 - Dan from Basildon in Essex

"We met you guys at the London Baby Show March 09. We have triplet boys and it's already part of their daily routine - 30 minutes shake along to French or Italian! Thanks."

04/11/2013 - Alison from Barton-upon-Humber in North Lincolnshire

"I just wanted to say how much we love the babyboomboom CDs. My daughter, Lottie, is 25 months old and we have been listening to the French CD in the car. We saw you at the Baby Show on the Sunday and by the following Thursday, Lottie was singing Frere Jacques in French (but not English). I doubted that it was just the CD so asked at nursery if they sing this song - they assured me they don't so she'd picked this up in less than a week! She adores all the songs and is now starting to sing along to all the French sections. In fact, she only sings along to the French sections of Frere Jacques and If you are happy and you know it and ignores the English versions. Thank you for such a great product!"

04/11/2013 - Ebba (aged 2 3/4) from Henley

"Baby Boom Boom - Yeah!"

04/11/2013 - Jayne from Shrewsbury

"I bought the CD for my baby at the Baby Show in Birmingham, we love it and thought it would be a good present for my friends."

04/11/2013 - Chris from Buckinghamshire

"Stuck in traffic on the M25 with a 4 year old and 1 year old. babyboomboom has saved me and I now have two happy children!"

04/11/2013 - Pam from Lancaster

"Received goods today, very impressed with your speedy service. Couldn't resist listening to the CD before wrapping it up for my grandson. I like the product and music making items. Anticipate a lot of enjoyment."

04/11/2013 - Sian from Dorset

"All the best with this fantastic adventure. My 3 year old is loving her French CD and dances around the playroom singing along in French!!"

04/11/2013 - Gavin from Oxfordshire (Dad to 3 year old twins)

"With babyboomboom playing in the car, the nursery run is now great fun - singing all the way!."

04/11/2013 - Nadine from Marlow

"With Belgian grandparents I would like my 2 year old to be able to speak a few words in French. The babyboomboom French CD has certainly helped him become more familiar with French sounding words and sounds."

04/11/2013 - Auntie Di from Surrey

"Inspired gift ideas for a god-mother who is trying to be a bit different."

04/11/2013 - Linda from Henley (Mum to Emma aged 3 and Julian aged 1)

"The CD was an instant hit with my children. Their friends love it too - I get requests for "more Baby Boom Boom" when it's my turn to do the school run."

04/11/2013 - Mick from Chester

"Wthin a week the whole family was singing along."

04/11/2013 - Lucy from Bristol

"The babyboomboom Spanish CD is great. I play it in the car, and my 3 year old has quickly picked up some of the Spanish words, and now happily sings along naturally as if it's his own language."

04/11/2013 - Linda from Kansas City, USA

"By the second time we played the CD, my daughter was already singing along in French as well as English. A fun way for children to gain skills in a second language without even trying."

20/08/2018 - Rachel

"I gave my son the CD for his first birthday this month, he absolutely loves it. I think it is fantastic, a great way to help a child become bi-lingual, he loves the music and tries to copy the words throughout the day. My mother's family are from Austria and I am glad I found something fun to help him learn German. He loves the instruments too. The singing is very lovely."